Agincourt Open Badminton Centre (AOBC)
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We are making PROGRESS!
AOBC is adding second badminton gym in mid-Scarborough area with 9 badminton courts. Its address is 291 Progress Ave. @ midland / progress. The new location will allow us to provide badminton courts with better lighting, more sitting area, and better wall color, and better location.
Progress location is now in trial operation, we are updating our website to provide more details. You may call 416 759 8100 if you have any questions.

愛勁哥羽毛球, 领导健身新潮流
Welcome to AOBC ------- We love badminton and we want you to join us.  AOBC is located at the Mid-Scarborough area and is close to the intersection of Ellesmere and Birchmount. We have 18 +9 full-size badminton courts and 9 of these courts have 60ft clearance!  We are open 7 days a week and 13 hours a day (at least, on Fridays and Saturdays we're open 15 hours a day). We're open all statutory holidays and long weekends.


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